Javier 'Cha' Blasco Martos (b. 1981, Spain) is a multidisciplinary artist and therapist, uniquely integrating his artistic and therapeutic practices with a specialisation in Emotional Focused Therapy (EFT). Based in Gothenburg, Sweden, Blasco's sound installations exemplify his artistic diversity and stimulate reflection on cultural heritage and climate challenges.

Internationally, his performance art presentations have exerted significant influence, especially his participation at the Arter Museum in Istanbul, renowned for its groundbreaking contemporary exhibitions.

Blasco has also represented Swedish performance art projects globally, performing in cities such as Querétaro, Newcastle, and Oslo, among others. These endeavours highlight his substantial influence and global reach within the arts scene.

With a passionate interest in spatial sonic research, programming, and data sonification, Cha continues to explore and expand the boundaries of art. His work is holistic, aiming to forge a deeper connection between the artist and nature, where he views himself as part of nature rather than merely an observer.

His projects are not only artistic endeavours but also therapeutic explorations, aiming to forge profound connections between individuals, their environment, and their emotional states.

Musically, Blasco has collaborated with notable artists such as Pat Mastelotto and Adrian Benavides. Locally in Gothenburg, he leads the non-profit study group Kreativ Data. Emphasizing the importance of building a local community, he envisions this grassroots approach as a catalyst for global impact. Operating under the esteemed art platform Skogen, his relentless dedication and innovation in the arts continue to inspire and shape future artistic generations.


2018: Creative Electronics (Los Angeles, USA)
MASTERTRACK: Music Playback Engineering & Performance Design

2016 - 2018: Stanford University
Programming with Max: Structuring Interactive Software for Digital Arts

2001 - 2005: Jazz & Contemporary Music School (Tarragona, Spain)