"KalistäcK is born in 2010 from the union of musician Cha Blasco and performer Lady Pain.

Cha Blasco has long been transmitting emotions through his passion for music. Over ten years experimenting with keyboards and synthesizers in rock bands while, in parallel, creating more personal projects as is Attackätt. Music for films, experimental electro-acoustic music, ambient music are some of the ways to describe his style in constant evolution.

The sensual Lady Pain in turn has a wide experience exciting, moving and shocking the public show after show over the years. A combination of disciplines such as bondage, burlesque, body piercing and the impressive mysticism of a true fakir are the reasons no one stays indifferent after witnessing one of her performances.

Together they create a staged audiovisual show that has to be experienced live by the viewer to perceive all the emotions that KalistäcK want to transmit. The darkness, the pain, the struggle with oneself and the desire to better oneself are the ties that bind these two artists together. The transmission of emotions. The transmission of past experiences and future aspirations through a breathtaking performance. They don't remove the darkness of the past. They channel it, they translate it into a, maybe touching, perhaps impressive, possibly frightening spectacle...
Ladies and Gentlemen, step right up and see for yourselves! Start up your emotional receptors and prepare to feel moved, to hallucinate ... Let your feelings flow ... Terror, shock or disturbance are not Kalistäck's aim but rather the vehicle that will open up artist's and spectator's emotions. We'll feel identified or learn a lesson from the experience. No doubt.

KalistäcK is not a project designed only to impress. It's an escape route. It's a belief, a philosophy. It's passion. The struggle of oneself with oneself.
KalistäcK is Lady Pain. KalistäcK is Cha Blasco. I challenge you to experience them together in a gruesome spectacle where emotions want to be the stars, where darkness is the path to light. Rest assured, nobody will be indifferent."

David Finch

Video / Paulo Pinto

Live staff set:
Ona Cots / Perfomer
Cha Blasco / Synth, pedals, percussions, traps & buttons and music direction
Riccardo Picchiarello & Silvia / Perfomance assitants
Shadi El-hajj / Visuals & Live Vj
Marina Pérez / Electric and acoustic violin

Art concept:
Cha Blasco & Ona Cots

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