A musical journey of remarkable breadth and imagination, Urania comprises everything from avant garde electronic music to free jazz to prog metal to synth soundscapes. Despite its diversity, the songs are unified by cohesive rhythmic, emotional, and atmospheric concepts. Dynamic arrangements which frequently diverge into unpredictable territory weave the album into a poignant narrative, the story of a romantic bond slowly deteriorating across twelve musical meditations.




Produced by Adrian Benavides, Mike Day & Cha Blasco


Engineered by Adrian Benavides, Mike Day, Scott "Gusty" Christensen & Cha Blasco


Recorded in Olofstorp & Umeå, Sweden; Austin, Texas; & Denver, Colorado.


Mixed by Adrian Benavides & Mike Day at Bilderberg Music in Austin, Texas

Mastered by Mike Day & Adrian Benavides at Ace Media Productions in Austin, Texas


All songs written by Cha Blasco & Johan Roos Högberg

except Chained & Broken Toys - Written by Blasco, Roos Högberg & Linnea Sigurdson; Oberon & Titania - Written by Blasco


Cha Blasco - Programming, Electronic Drums, Synthesizers, Keyboards & Arrangements

Johan Roos Högberg - Vocals

Linnea Sigurdson - Vocals

Adrian Benavides - Guitar, Bass, Synth, Sound Design, Programming & Arrangements

Thomas Blomster - Marimba (2) & Woodwind/Brass Arrangements (7, 10)

Mike Day - Guitar (6, 10) & Drums (1, 3, 4, 7, 8)

Pat Mastelotto - Drums (6, 10)

Jamal Moore - Drums (2, 11)

Eoghan McCloskey - Additional Drums (8)

Michael Weaver - Saxophones & Clarinets (7, 10)

Biggi Vinkeloe - Saxophone (8)

Scott "Gusty" Christensen - Additional Engineering (2, 7, 10)



Cover Design and Art Direction by Ritxi Ostáriz

Photography by AnnaCarin Isaksson



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