Born Javier Blasco Martos 11 December 1981 Reus Spain. Currently living in Gothenburg Sweden.


Artist, composer, producer, dj, sound designer, and improviser Cha Blasco thrives on breaking down musical barriers through creative, interdisciplinary projects. His works have enriched many performing art projects on the Swedish cultural scene in recent years. Cha has an upward interest in spacial sonic research, programming, data sonification and algorithmic composition; as in philosophy, decentralized systems, and arts.


Currently, Blasco has released his new brand album Urania with features performances by Pat Mastelotto (King Crimson, Mr Mister) and Jamal Moore (Ariana Grande, Usher, Cee Lo Green) and was mixed and co-produced by Adrian Benavides (Komara, Daughtry).


  • Creative Electronics (Los Angeles, USA) /  2018
    MASTERTRACK: Music Playback Engineering and Performance Design
  • Stanford University (USA) /  2016 - 2018
    Programming with Max: Structuring Interactive Software for Digital Arts
  • Jazz & Contemporary Music School (Spain) /  2001 - 2005


Creative works 
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  • Teater Eksem - Jag Vill Se Stjärnorna: performance / dance / theater (Sweden)
  • MO(R)D: performance / dance (Sweden)


2018 - 2009

  • +100 Dj sessions around Spain, Argentina and Sweden as Dj Cha Me Suena


  • Non-Topia - VORTEX: performance / dance (Sweden)
  • Ida Lod CreativeCenter - Ofelia Reversed: performance-musical / theater (Sweden)
  • Curator in Residence at Ello, The Creators Network [ Modernism Is Crap ]
  • Teater Eksem - Föräldraskapet: performance / theater / dance (Sweden)
  • CMS-SK: Dj + Vj collaboration with femenist-duo visual artists Studiokalejdo


  • Singles release New Playlist and Broken Toys
  • Joins Svenska ljudkonstföreningen (Swedish Sound Art Association)
  • Shows and festivals with Cracked
  • Sound design and audio software development for performance Cracked (Sweden - Norway)
  • Shows with Föräldraskapet (Sweden)
  • Remix for American artist Cédric Theys (USA)



  • Shows with Kill a Cat Show (Sweden)
  • Music and sound design for performance Kill a Cat Show (Sweden)
  • Shows with Blommornas Vals as musician (Sweden)
  • Music, sound design and touring with performance/theater project Föräldraskapet (Sweden)
  • Founder member of Norbert Wiener Memorial Feedback Orchestra (Sweden)
  • Swedish shows as Cha Blasco



  • Joins Unstable Electronic Systems workshop & performance (Sweden)
  • 15 music compositions for The Artee Project
  • Music and sound design for visual-sound installation Arternas Uppkomst and theater/performance Turtleyou! (Sweden)
  • Music tribute to sound artist Sten Hanson
  • Sweden and Norway tours & Mexico shows and workshops with theater project Numen Human
  • Release of Distortions - Remixes



  • Release of first album compilation, Soundtracks Vol.I
  • Music and sound design for 2D animation It Breakfast (Ukraine)
  • Lecture-teaching on inspiration and creative motivation in LBS Kreativa Gymnasiet Borås (Sweden)
  • Concerts & festivals as Cha Blasco



  • First solo shows in Spain
  • Album release Distortions
  • Concerts & festivals with Attackätt
  • Music and sound design for video-art works John Doe and Adéu sol… és l’hora (Spain)
  • Soundtrack for shortfilm 7 de Noviembre (Spain)



  • Music and sound design for video-art works Espai No Vist and Flux Trepat (Spain)
  • Concerts & festivals with KalistäcK
  • Soundtrack for shortfilm Descalça (Brazil)



  • Soundtrack for shortfilms Matagatos (Spain) and Ceci n’est pas (Brazil)
  • First music for a commercial REC Festival Internacional de Cinema
  • Concerts & festivals with KalistäcK and Attackätt
  • Founds KalistäcK
  • Appears on TV-program Territoris en xarxa as creative artist (Spain)



  • First soundtrack for a shortfilm Lucid Dreaming
  • Concerts & festivals with Attackätt
  • Founds Attackätt
  • Brainworm XX EP release
  • Appears as artist in Ingrid film
  • Appears on Enredados a documentary about Ingrid film, available on DVD version



  • Concerts & festivals with Gana and Spy Light
  • Joins Gana and Spy Light
  • Starts run music home studio


2001 - 2005

  • Studies music and piano in Jazz & Contemporary Music School (Spain)
  • Beginning experiment with electro-acoustic music



  • First compositions
  • Begins learning Dj & turn-table techniques


1997 - 2010

  • Concerts & festivals with Brainworm



  • Joins Brainworm and starts playing keyboards, synths, samplers and drum machines



  • Joins the World

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